What is FlingGolf?

FlingGolf™ is an exciting new sport and awesome alternative to golf that can be played on a golf course, with a golf ball, alongside golfers and scored the same way as golf.  You only need one FlingStick™ for every type of shot.

That means no cumbersome golf bag to lug around.  For those who like lacrosse, baseball, or hockey and a more active, athletic style of play, FlingGolf is the real deal. Most people can easily learn the sport in a matter of minutes.

FlingGolf is perfect for resorts, campus recreation and college intramurals, It’s also fun to play in the backyard (especially with foam golf balls!), at the beach and in the mountains, where no rules ever need apply.

How is FlingGolf played?

  • Scoring:  Count your flings from tee to hole.
  • Tee Shots: Throw the ball from behind the special FlingGolf tee marker. You may always take steps while flinging the ball.
  • Further Shots: Mark your ball where it lies and throw your ball from behind the mark.
  • On the Green:  Once your ball is on the green, you place your feet, and with the ball in the putting notch on the side of the FlingStick™ head, you push the ball toward the hole. You may not move your feet while pushing. You may also mark the ball, place it in the FlingStick™ channel, and roll it toward the hole.
  • Penalties: If your ball lands in a sand bunker or a water hazard, goes out of bounds or is lost, take a 1-stroke penalty.
  • Sand Bunker: remove ball from the bunker and retreat up to 5 paces from the bunker along the line your ball traveled into the bunker.  Fling the ball before reaching the bunker.
  • Water Hazards, out of bounds or lost ball: Retreat up to 5 paces back from where the ball went into the hazard, out of bounds or area where it was lost, then fling the ball before you reach the hazard, out of bounds or lost area.

Types of swings

  • Sidearm/Baseball:
    With the FlingStick™ facing directly away from the target and the channel facing upwards and parallel to the ground, and with your back to the target, take a step toward 1 o’clock (for righties) or 11 o’clock (for lefties), and swing from low to high, opening the channel as you swing forward.  On your swing forward, imagine hitting a home run over the right field fence (for righties) or the left field fence (for lefties).
  • Overhand/Lacrosse:
    With the golf ball in the channel, with your wrists hinged above your shoulders, drop the FlingStick™ down your back, lean back, take a step forward, aim high like you are throwing a javelin, and swing away.
  • Flop shot:
    With wrists hinged above your shoulders, drop the FlingStick™ way down your back, then pop the ball high, as though it will land on your head (it won’t).
  • On the green:
    With the ball nestled into the notch on the side of the FlingStick™, open your stance and put one hand down the shaft.  You can either push the ball toward the hole, or try it “goofy”, and pull the ball toward the hole with the notch on the other side.



If you don’t have your own Fling Sticks, we have some for you to rent! To ensure that there are Fling Sticks available, call ahead and reserve a tee-time!

Normal green fees apply (click here to visit our pricing page.)

If you’re wanting to rent Fling Sticks for your game, our rental fee is $5 per person.

We strongly encourage all new players to practice their throws at our driving range, before heading out to the course. Like any new activity, it’ll take some practice to truly find your Fling flow.